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When I try to insert a new entry I receive this error message: "Unable to find foreign key value". What does it mean?

When you are inserting a new entry on the database you have both white and yellow fields. The yellow fields represent keys from different tables.

For example, when inserting a new user you have to choose a department, which field is in yellow. If you get this error it's because you are trying to select a department that does not exist. Before inserting the new user you must make sure that the department is already created in the Departments table which you can access from the main menu.

After creating this new department, go back to the users page and try to add a new user, setting the department as the one you have previously inserted in the Department table.

Can I set a maximum daily usage per user for each resource?

No. Agendo does not allow you to do that. The resource configuration parameter MAXSLOTS defines a reasonable time for an user to schedule a resource. This is not restrictive in any way.

However, you can set a limit to the weekly usage for each resource using the parameter MAXHOURSWEEK. This sets the ammount of time that an user has to schedule a resource, in a particular week.

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