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Starting Agendo can be a tricky task. This tutorial will try to provide you the necessary tools to run Agendo easily. First, lets take a look through the screens.

The first screen that you will after the installation is Agendo homepage. Here you can find the resources registered in your database.


On the top right corner of the screen you can find four icons that will guide you to different screens.

  • User menu.png User menu
  • Resource menu.png Resources menu
  • Group menu.png Multiple resource view
  • Help menu.png Help

If you click in one of the resources available in your list you will be redirected to the correspondent scheduler.

Resource home.PNG

1. Resource informations 
Click the resource image to view details, such as price, link or resource administrator
2. Confirmation status 
Warns user about the suitability of the computer to confirm the entry
3. Scheduling options 
You can set one of these options when scheduling a time slot:
  1. By checking the repeat pattern box you are scheduling the request time slots every week until it reaches the input date
  2. By checking the assistance box you are asking the resource administrator for assistance in your reservation. A mail is sent to the administrator with this request
4. Resource fields 
In specific resources you can also have field options which allow you to store very specific information in each reservation. Go to How To: Create resource fields to learn more about specific resource fields.
5. Quick login 
Every time you want to add a new reservation, update or delete an existing or enter yourself in the waiting list you have to enter your username and password. If you to perform several actions, you might prefer to do a session login. To do that, click the icon at the top right corner of the screen, enter your username and password and press the Login button.
6. Action options 
Available calendar actions
7. Resource announcements 
Go to How To: Place announcements for each resource? to learn how to display announcements here.

Now that we took a look over Agendo initial pages, you might want to start to do some configuration. To enter in your administration area click the user menu icon User menu.png, enter your username and password and press AdminArea button.

User menu login.png

Pressing AdminArea will direct you to Datumo, our content management system tool. You can also press login to Agendo without being directed to your backoffice. To do so, just press Login.

The following image shows how your admininstration area homepage looks like.

Datumo home.png

By default, you have several tables available to you so you can start to configure your scheduler. Default tables can vary depending on the user administration level.

Here's a list of the most important tables and the ones that you will handling more often.

User configuration 
Give other users access to modify or view specific tables
Write and place specific resource announcements to be displayed in the resource scheduler
Institute configurations such as email account settings, institute designation and access restrictions
List of registered departments
List of registered institutes
Resource permissions 
Resource scheduling permissions per user
Field restrictions 
User restrictions to a specific value
List of registered resources. Learn how to create your first resource here
Similar resources 
Set similar resources for easier access
Registered users 
List of registered users
Fields configuration 
Create specific resource fields

Most of these tables are described in more detail in our tutorials.

You are almost ready to run Agendo on your own. However, before doing that make sure you read the tutorials listed below.

  • Create a user
  • Create a resource
  • Place a reservation
  • Give permissions to use a resource
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