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Agendo is the product of years of experience in a research environment. It reflects the need to share and optimize expensive to acquire and to run resources. More than a resource scheduler, Agendo allows facility managers to configure and monitor any type of resource. As core facility managers ourselves, we understand the need of a tool that can adapt to the fast evolving research environment.

As a workflow encoder, Agendo allows up to four different booking methods:

  1. Usage Registration
  2. Pre-Scheduling with administrator confirmation
  3. Pre-Scheduling with automatic confirmation
  4. Multisample registration

All this in an intuitive interface with color-coded booking status.

Managers are able to configure each resource independently, generate customized resource usage and billing reports, create automatic warnings, and send emails to specific groups of users based on resource or type of resource. For the user, Agendo can send alerts from waiting list notifications, missed confirmations, booking reminders, and many other productivity features. It also features .ics support, which allows users to integrate Agendo reservations with personal calendars.

Agendo can also be integrated with Ekrano - our custom solution for hardware monitoring - and netsensors, a platform for global sensor monitoring. Ekrano is currently set to monitor equipment usage (either for control or budget purposes) and others such as current sensing, temperature, humidity, etc...

For more information about Agendo or Ekrano, please visit our website or email us at


How to have Agendo in my facility?

Because we know by experience that setting up a server to run Agendo can be expensive and time consuming, we can host your Agendo in our own dedicated server.

Visit our website to view the packages that we have available.

Key features

  • Resource dependent configuration
  • Five different booking methods
  • Waiting lists with email notifications in case of cancelled booking
  • Dynamic usage report with CSV export (billing, usage stats, etc...)
  • Happy hour based pricing
  • On the fly statistics
  • Grant-based management
  • Inherent mailing list by resource, group, etc...
  • Automatic email notifications on updated and deleted events for each resource
  • Login-based real-time usage
  • Integration with Ekrano for live remote monitoring of equipment usage
  • Real-time user assiduity stats
  • And many more features that are continuously being developed...

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