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Version: 2.3.1

Release date: 2016/05/21


  1. 7: Create a "Files" tab in product requests
  2. 43: Create a way to dismiss group requests
  3. 37: CC to admins when sending emails from mailing lists to admin
  4. 33: keep file names on requests
  5. 27: Products description always available
  6. 34: Display always project code and name
  7. 11: Open request dialog or booking when user clicks to create a new product but does not have permission
  8. 19: PIs and lab managers to view all group requests
  9. 19: PIs and lab managers to view all group requests
  10. 24: Send fields info on requests
  11. 31: Add core facilities terms of use


  1. 44: Error on project attribution on booking
  2. 45: missing permissions for stats
  3. 47: Products help
  4. 25: problem in uploading files
  5. 29: Text single and multiple line cannot have '
  6. 40: Create new user with new price types policy
  7. 20: Deleting a request subclass : inactive

Version: 2.3

Release date: 2015/10/17


  • Added a color codding to the bookings tab
  • Incident can now be categorized according to a category
  • Created the Whiteboard - a "social network" within Agendo


  • Added a "units" input in product fields


  • Changed "total cost" to "total revenue" in group financial statistics
  • Fixed bug in which editing resource type editing was not working

Consolidated financial report

  • Service users entries no longer being written to the financial report

Version: 2.2

Release date: 2015/09/12


  • More intuitive and user-friendly interface to manage users, resources, groups, institutes, facilities and projects
  • Added "Bookings" tab in index, to remind users of booked events
  • Added a free text field to the resource configuration to include extra information such as room, contact administrator or a more permanent notification
  • Group PI is now notified if an existing user changes to the group
  • Added global stats that include financial information for groups and facilities
  • Email reminders can now be sent in multiple days
  • Facility managers can now sent financial reports to PI, directly from the consolidated report. Emails are sent in BCC back to the facility manager
  • Managers can now create a new user account that can be put on hold until the user completes the personal information
  • New "My group" page that allows group PIs or lab managers to manage their own group (change default projects, view users, etc...)
  • Added a dropdown menu in the left menu of each page in the personal area, to allow easy access to other pages
  • Improved statistics for resources and products


  • Included fields - similar to resource fields - that can customized according to the product class
  • Requests can now change status to completed automatically, some time (configurable) after the request has been approved
  • More detailed history, including file uploads and registration of the "locked" status
  • Added a request printview that can be exported to PDF with all relevant information


  • Send email when event with calendar assistance that is updated or deleted
  • Fixed bug in which the submit button for new request was hidden in low resolution screens
  • Fixed bug that prevented project update when the resource had no fields
  • Invisible equipment no longer appears in the calendar

Consolidated financial report

  • Fixed bug that prevented showing the total for all projects


  • Changed table plugin to dataTables.js

Version: 2.1

Release date: 2015/05/20


  • Recurrent entries can now be a weekly pattern and not just a single slot
  • Resources can now be cloned
  • Field prices (e.g. extra laser line) can now have different pricing schemes
  • New incident tracking tool
  • Major sphere revamp: new search and sharing tools
  • Ability to create products and place requests
  • New statistics by group
  • In reports, added a new button to export the visible page only
  • Ability to create facilities, which can be associated to products and resources
  • Spheres can now be available publicly (read-only)
  • New resource announcements can now be sent automatically to users with active permissions
  • Sphere activity is now being logged (for update and cloning)
  • New print preview button in spheres
  • Notification for non-supported browsers
  • Removed "Lab technician" admin level



  • Timeout sessions are now better handled
  • Friendlier backoffice organisation
  • Inactive resources are no longer being displayed in the mailing list tool
  • Inactive users are no longer receiving email notifications
  • Users with "No permission" are no longer receiving email notifications for a specific resource, through the mailing list tool
  • New resource permission requests are now highlighted in the admin personal area and are available through one-click confirmation
  • Users with "Admin permissions" for a resource can now receive new user and new permission requests
  • Fixed bug that allowed pending users to recover password, although this was in fact not being generated


  • Added month and year tags to each day slot in the monthly view
  • Fixed bug where events could be updated within the delete tolerance
  • Fixed bug in waiting lists with more than 1 user, which would cause two booking for the same slot, if the original booking was canceled
  • Fixed bug in resource fields not selecting the last option
  • Spheres associated to bookings events can now be read through the calendar view


  • Fixed bug that was preventing changing usernames


  • Users with permissions to add a new group are now notified if a new user requests a new group
  • New groups with new managers can now be created simultaneously


  • Fixed links (was missing http::)
  • Better handling of sphere associations


  • Search for "Last week" and "Last month" now includes the current day
  • Search between dates is now inclusive for the "end date"
  • Service user are now omitted from financial and usage reports
  • "Last modification" is now displaying the correct date and time
  • Fixed bug causing weird behaviour when grouping was active


  • Fixed bug in statistics where the number of active and registered users were wrong

Real Usage

  • Real usage display in the calendar view is now available to all users

Personal Calendar

  • Booking details (including resource fields) are now available for each calendar event


  • Upgraded jquery to version 1.8.3
  • Upgraded jquery UI theme to version 1.11
  • Upgraded fullCalendar to version 2.3.1
  • Upgraded noty to version 2.0

Version: 2.0

Release date: 2014/04/01

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